All You Need To Know About Free WordPress Hosting


Free WordPress hosting is a widely available option that lets you launch your WordPress website for free. While this may seem an ideal and great opportunity, there are many matters to consider before taking the plunge. As it is often with free services, you may find yourself in a lot of trouble and security related issues that detrimentally affect your website and its success.

Here, we shall look into the concerns that arise with free WordPress hosting, and the situations where using this option might cause less damage.

Why is Free WordPress Hosting Not A Good Option?

When launching your website, one of the top priorities is looking for a suitable web host. Affordability is one of the critical factors here, along with an analysis to ensure that the service’s price is justified and worth it. The price plays an essential role because, for a beginner, it might be challenging to get the necessary capital and investment. This is where free WordPress hosting comes in.

Free WordPress hosting is an attractive option when you’re just getting started in the field and want to cut costs. However, it also comes with numerous risks and is not the best option if you are looking to start a long term website. With a paid hosting service, you get guaranteed quality service, unlike the free service where you are dependent on no backup plans on the service provider for functionality.

Paid hosting also has better security measures, and it is an excellent investment if you are looking for something long term. The savings you make from a free WordPress hosting service do not match the risks it comes with.

So, What Is An Appropriate Situation to Use Free WordPress Hosting?

There are a few occasions where it is, in fact, better to consider free WordPress hosting. If you are looking for a learning opportunity, to learn and apply practically the building of a website and its running, free WordPress hosting is a great option. This is because, in this scenario, you have nothing to lose. You are merely using a free service to enhance your skills.

If you are looking to set up a temporary website and work on studying current trends and visitor approachability patterns, free WordPress hosting can be preferred. If you already have a website and are looking to try out some new plug-ins, but do not want it to affect your website, you can start a quick website using any free hosting service.

Thus, free WordPress hosting, while a massive gamble for your professional website, is an excellent option for testing and trying out new features and being used as a learning and improvement aid.

If you are still considering getting a free WordPress hosting service, read on to know a few factors that must be considered before taking the plunge. These have to be looked into as it is better to make a well-planned decision than regret it later.

  • Data Security


Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to starting your website. You want your content to be safe, and you want your personal information to be maintained private. A page with none or less security means your data, even personal details are out in the open. It also decreases the traffic into your page. Free WordPress hosting comes with less protection compared to its paid counterparts, which is a massive point against selecting them.

  • Website Stability

The stability of your website also influences site traffic. Visitors do not prefer a website that crashes often or easily gets overloaded. Thus, it is necessary to opt for a hosting service that provides you with excellent stability levels and reliable servers.

  • Features and Add-ons

Unlike paid services that support a wide variety of plug-ins and additional features, free hosting services have a minimal library. While some do not endorse any add-ons, those that do offer them have a confusing user interface.

  • Storage and Bandwidth


Storage is an essential feature as you need storage space to upload pictures or files. With a paid service, there is assured storage space, unlike with free hosting services.

Another vital feature is bandwidth, as it influences the visitors you get to your page. Greater supported bandwidth means your website can support more traffic while maintaining smooth functionality. Free WordPress hosting services offer small bandwidth, and this is not a decisive factor for your site’s success.

  • Customer Support

When faced with any query or issue that needs to be sorted out, technical support is necessary. This also ensures customer satisfaction. With free WordPress hosting, there is very little to no customer support available. This leaves you to fend for yourself in troubled waters, often taking help from online tutorials, if possible.

  • Website Growth and Restrictions

As a site owner, your success depends on your site traffic. Any restrictions on traffic inflow can be detrimental to the possibility of new visitors, making it difficult for existing visitors. This is one of the areas where free hosting services fall back, as you will have limitations on the interactions you can have with your audience, and the content you can share.

Along with this, free WordPress hosting services also do not have much scope for scalability. This means if you’re looking to expand your website and evolve it to meet with success, it will be of great difficulty. With free services, the potential of your website to grow is mostly cut off with restrictions.

These are a few points to be considered before opting for a free WordPress hosting service. It is crucial to keep in mind your main goal with the website, the risks you’ll be running through, and whether the venture is worth the risk.