Analyzing the Pricing Plans of WordPress Hosting Sites


WordPress is the preferred choice of many people looking to launch their website, the customers ranging from a personal blogger to a company looking to host their website. This is because of their pre-designed themes and templates, multiple plug-in support, and ease of use. Unless you are a professional in the field of programming and a tech-savvy person who has the expertise and knowledge to run a website flawlessly, you will need some help for the maintenance and upkeep of your website.

Having a website is not an easy task, as many jobs go on behind the scenes. While creating and posting content, you also need to be observant about other factors such as the security, speed, and uptime of your website and regular backups. It is challenging to get your hands on all these aspects, so it is in your best interest to opt for a hosting service.

A hosting site takes care of all the little details letting you focus more on other essential aspects. Web hosting services come at different prices, and it is of utmost necessity that you analyze the prize and whether the service is worth it. To do so, we need to know what they charge for and how their cost is broken down. This is what we aim to look for here.

Supported and Unsupported WordPress Hosting

Depending on the amount of support you need, there are two types of WordPress hosting available. For a beginner who needs help with maintaining the website, it is better to go for the supported hosting. This is because it might be difficult to diagnose issues and fix them on your own, and it is better to opt for support rather than having anything that adversely affects your website. Instead of outsourcing your work in such scenarios, with supported hosting, you can let the web host take care of your problem quickly and easily.

For a professional who does not need help, or has the time to dedicate to the constant upkeep of the website, the unsupported hosting is a perfect choice. With unsupported hosting, you can cut back on hosting expenses as the services provided by the web hosting service are lesser than the supported hosting service. If you have experience maintaining a website and a flair for solving technical issues that may arise, this is the cost-effective plan for you.

Scalability of Website


The size of your website directly influences the price of the hosting plan. This means sites with a more extensive audience base will require more features and incur more costs. For a beginner, the hosting plan is cheaper, as they need only limited features. This is evident through the different packages offered by hosting companies.

There are basic plans that cater to the needs of a website that has just launched and hasn’t yet approached popularity. There are progressive plans for sites of businesses that have more number of visitors and cost more than the basic plan. Thus, the price you have to pay depends on your website’s growth and your need to support visitors into the page.

Shared Servers and Dedicated Servers

This is another deciding factor for the price of your hosting plan. Shared servers come at lower costs than dedicated servers. When you opt for a shared server, you are sharing the space with many other websites out there. While this may affect your website’s speed, it is a good enough choice for a website that is just starting. During the initial period of launching your website, there is not much audience, and hence a shared server can cater to your needs efficiently, while also cutting down on expenses.

The only drawback to using a shared server is that any non-permissible content in any website within your server will lead to a ban on the server, which will affect your website.

Dedicated hosting servers are more costly, but they do come with their advantages. Your site is not influenced by any other site’s activity out there, unlike in a shared server hosting. You also get added security benefits and your server address. Dedicated hosting servers give you the isolation that you require without worrying about any external factors.

These are the main factors that make up the price tag of a hosting plan. When looking for a suitable WordPress hosting service, look for the different hosting plans they offer. Almost all of them come with a basic level plan that costs less but comes with enough features and accommodations for your website that is just starting. They also come with plans that can support more site traffic, which is ideal for a growing website and comes at a higher cost. Therefore, choose your plan wisely such that you receive the services you require while also cutting back on expenses.