Are Website Builders Available on BlueHost?

What is a Website Builder?


A website builder is used to create and design your website without the need for manual coding. This makes it easier for those without a background in programming. Site builders may be web-based tools or computer software. They are usually provided by the web hosting service for the benefit of customers to create a website with ease.

So, does BlueHost Provide Website Builders?

BlueHost offers website builders that you can use to create professional-looking websites with no need for programming skills. This is great as it appeals to both expert programmers and those who are not experienced with manual site-building and website creation.

BlueHost offers two website builders- WordPress and Weebly site builders. Both of these have different features but are excellent options for building your website, even if you have no technical knowledge in the area. They come with customizable pre-built templates and themes which help you provide a visual aesthetic for your website that may attract visitors.

Features of WordPress Website Builder

WordPress is one of the most popular site builders due to its quick and easy building features. Whether it is a personal blog or a business website with multiple pages, the WordPress site builder can give your website that professional, authentic look that is sought after.

The WordPress Site Builder comes with various themes and plug-ins to customize your website to fit your needs. Whether you want a personalized theme for your blog or a professional look for a business web page, WordPress has themes that you can use for free to cater to all these. While there are many free themes and plug-ins, there are paid ones as well that you can opt for.

Why Choose WordPress Website Builder?

  • Ease of Usage

The user interface is friendly, simple, and allows easy operation, making it preferred among people. You can add a variety of media to your websites, such as pictures and videos.

  • Pre-Built Themes and Templates

There are thousands of free and premium pre-designed themes available on WordPress to design your website and customize at any time. These themes fit any website, which is great as you don’t have to create your website from scratch.

  • SEO-friendly Website

SEO optimized websites get higher search engine rankings, thus giving them a wider audience. This is a plus point for websites built using WordPress as your website will get more visitors and a better online presence.

  • Regularly Updated

WordPress undergoes constant updates to keep the functioning smooth and up-to-date and provide the latest development and design features.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is a content management system that you can use to delegate tasks to different teams, allowing you to expand your website quickly.

  • Excellent customer support and community forum

Customer support is as important as the features offered so that you are never left in the dark with the problems you may face.

Features of Weebly Website Builder

BlueHost offers two versions of the Weebly Site Builder – Basic and Pro. The Basic version is free to use for all BlueHost users, and they can have up to six web pages. This version also provides maintenance for basic Search Engine Optimization, RSS feed, blogs, and forms. It also supports videos through YouTube and Adobe Flash.

The Pro version does not have a limit on the number of web pages. With the Pro version, you can have an additional security layer for your website by setting passwords. You can also customize the templates and themes to your liking.

Weebly Website Builder also has the following features:

  • Tools to simplify website creation
  • Hundreds of pre-designed templates
  • They offer blog support, tracking tools, and an image editor.
  • Layout modules for images and videos for the website are also available.

How to Access Website Builders From Your BlueHost Account

Weebly and WordPress site builders are available for all BlueHost account holders. You can access them using the following steps:

  • Log in to your BlueHost account and proceed to the control panel.
  • There, you will find the Website section with two options- Use Weebly and Install WordPress. Select your preference.
  • Create a domain name for your website and start building your website!