Availability of SEO Services with BlueHost

Creating your website and launching it is not an easy task, but with the various web hosting services available today, you can easily host a website. Whether you’re a beginner to web development or have lots of experience in the field, an ideal web host will be able to cater to all your needs and make your job simpler. With the help of hosting services, you can create a professional website with optimum security and stability.

But there is more to running a website, and you need to work on its visibility to the public. To get your website to the people, you need to work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?

The success of your website depends on the audience you get. A more extensive audience leads to more popularity, and success follows. Acquiring visitors by appealing to a diverse audience, is a part of the online marketing strategy, which is influenced by SEO. Search engine optimization helps you get better ranking in search engine results.

There are two types of results that come up when you type in your keyword in the search bar:

  • Organic Results

Organic results consist of a list of sites that are relevant to the keyword searched. People always prefer natural or organic results, therefore your aim must be to make it in the list of organic results by improving the SEO of your website.

  • Paid Listing

Website owners often advertise their website in search engines by paying a fee. This gives them a higher ranking in the search results. But since a vast majority of people (77%0 tend to go for organic results, so that is where you need to get your site to show up.

What Web Host Should You Choose?

Choosing a web host is crucial for the development and future growth of your website. To generate income from your site, you need to work more on optimizing your content for search engines rather than the website’s visual aesthetic.

BlueHost is an excellent web hosting service provider that comes with a variety of SEO tools you can use to increase the traffic to your website. They also come with other benefits such as unlimited storage space and bandwidth, while also giving you a smoothly functioning website.

How Does BlueHost Affect the Search Engine Ranking Of Your Website?


BlueHost offers SEO packages that aid your site to obtain higher rankings in search engine results. Their packages come with the following perks, among many others:

  • Weekly reports with your ranking in search engines and tracking your progress on the use of keywords.
  • BlueHost provides you with recommended keywords that improve your site’s relativity, while also giving you feedback. In case of any queries or doubts, you can use their Marketing Program Manager.
  • BlueHost has an SEO team that is aimed at increasing your search engine ranking. They perform various functions, such as creating social bookmarks and article distribution that helps in off-site link-building. They also give your site more inbound links, all of which come together to provide a better ranking.

All the hosting plans under BlueHost come with a free search engine submission, which you can use for your website to be known by search engines. Waiting for a search engine to notice your website can be a long process, and BlueHost saves you that trouble.

Other than the SEO packages and free search engine submission, they have professional SEO services targeted at improving your ranking. This package comes with the following features:

  • SEO Writing


BlueHost has professional copywriters who work on creating customized content for your website. This helps you stand out in the crowd, attracting more audiences.

  • SEO Linking


Through SEO linking, BlueHost aims to get more links to your site by writing and distributing original content. This is done monthly.

  • Analysis and Reports


Once your site is up and running, you will want to know its doing, whether it is receiving the audience, and about its operation. The BlueHost team does this by analyzing your website and giving you the results and feedback as a report. You can use this report to help you assess the working of your website.