BlueHost: Compatibility With iPhone and iPad

With the advent and rising popularity of mobile technology, people are looking to access all their content from smartphones and tablets, owing to their compact nature and mobility. Hence, it is a significant boost to have your host supported in smartphones, which BlueHost has.

BlueHost is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and even the iPod Touch and other electronic devices. The device must have at least the iOS version 7 t set up your BlueHost account and begin using.

The next step in using BlueHost in your mobile device is setting up your email account. For this, you need to provide confirmation that you already have an email account under BlueHost. This is necessary to set up your website owner’s email account and can be done by providing your Username, Password, and Mail Server host information for the domain name.

This is a detailed, step by step guide to setting up BlueHost in your Apple device.

Device configuration

The first step is to set up the device from the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars tabs under Settings.

(Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar)

Adding an Email Account

After entering into the email account settings, tap to add a new email account.

(Mail > Add Mail Account)

The next step is to choose the type of email account. Since iOS does not have default options for email accounts under web hosting services, you will have to use the Other option.

(Email Account Type > Other)

Following this step, a suitable server (IMAP or POP) will be selected to move on to the next procedure, entering your


account information. The following information has to be provided under the respective categories:


For the Address, provide your email address.

The same email address has to be used for Description as well.

Incoming Mail Server Segment:

Host name has to be

User name will be the email address entered earlier.

Finish off this category by setting a strong password.

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

Host name will be

User name has to be the email address of the website owner.

Top it off with the password, click Next, and you’re good to go!

cPanel Access to your iOS Device

This is another critical step as cPanel is the control panel used by BlueHost that offers a variety of functions and options for account holders. If you’re a website owner and are looking to switch controls to an iOS device, it is necessary to visit the cPanel browser website directly, using the URL Once in the site, enter using your BlueHost username and password.

The cPanel is under constant modification by BlueHost programmers. Therefore you must access it via this link instead of downloading a standard cPanel version or an unmodified one to avoid problems. This is an essential step as the cPanel has limitations to which BlueHost can utilize its features.

These are the simple steps to be followed to access BlueHost via your iOS smartphone or tablets. With the growing advent of mobile devices, the compatibility of BlueHost with such devices is highly visible and makes it easier for users.