Building a Good Site With BlueHost

Building a website has become an easy task in recent times, with various web hosting services and user-friendly interfaces. Today, you do not need extensive knowledge of programming or coding to launch your website, because web hosting service providers such as BlueHost have made the process much simpler.

With its web presence of over a decade, BlueHost is one of the most popular web hosting service providers. It offers excellent service at an affordable price and comes with many perks, such as a free SSL certificate, SSH, better performance with WordPress, and a variety of hosting plans. It is one of the most affordable service providers out there, with the prices offered less than its competitors.

If you’re a beginner to the world of building websites, read on to find a few of the basics of website building, your website’s vital components, and how BlueHost offers them.

So, What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting the service by which your website can be made accessible to people all over the world. BlueHost provides different types of web hosting plans, such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS.

Each of these hosting types has different features and affect the performance of your website. If you’re looking for unlimited storage and unrestricted bandwidth, the dedicated hosting plan fits you. Although it provides high-speed operation, it is pricey, owing to the need to lease an entire server for your personal use.

Shared hosting is slower than a dedicated hosting plan and does not have unlimited storage and bandwidth. Here, you do not have a personal server. Instead, you share a server with hundreds of users, affecting your website speed.

Free hosting is another available option, wherein the service is free, but your website will run very slowly, and only a limited number of features and services are available.

Domain Name

A domain name is the name you give to your website. It influences your site traffic and credibility. When choosing a domain name, make sure you want one that directly describes your product/ service, and is a commonly searched keyword concerning the same. This increases the chances of your website, popping up for the customer. It is also preferred to have a unique and personalized domain name so that it stands out and makes an impression among the audience.

BlueHost lets you have extra domains free of cost, and the advantages that come with multiple domains are numerous. More number of domains means better ranking from search engines, which boosts your site traffic. BlueHost also gives you the benefit of having a free domain name when starting with your website. If you are looking to host your site with BlueHost but already have a domain name, you can also use it.

Website Builders


A website builder consists of tools and applications that make it easy to create a website. The applications are compatible with any average computer and do not require you to have an advanced skill set in coding or HTML. They also come with pre-built templates that you can use to give your website the aesthetic you wish. Site builders are of various types designed to build different kinds of sites. This means there are site builders that can create blogs, eCommerce sites, and payment portals.

BlueHost gives you two different site builders to choose from, which are as follows:


WordPress is a platform that has a friendly user interface and offers excellent customization for your website. With WordPress, you can start a website that ranges from a simple blog to a multi-page website. WordPress’s primary feature is its versatility to support a wide variety of plug-ins, which can provide additional features for site-building. They also have a wide range of selection of pre-built themes and templates that you can personalize to meet your needs and add your personal touch.


Weebly is another website creating tool available to BlueHost users for free. With this version, you have everything you need to create a website. The premium version has additional features such as the ability to add a music player, install a protection system using a password, and lets you have unlimited pages. Weebly is very user-friendly with its drag and drop editor that makes it easy to build your website and edit it. It is also great if you are looking to run an eCommerce website, as it has different options available such as the shopping cart feature.

These are the different website building tools supported by BlueHost that help you create an excellent website from scratch. The pre-made themes and templates are available in both Weebly and WordPress. With these site builders, you can also update your website as per your convenience. With BlueHost, you can install any of these site builders or tools, with its single-click installer (SimpleScripts).