Extra Domains on BlueHost: How Much Do They Cost?


A domain name, Website files, and Web Hosting Server – these are three essential components for any well- functioning website. Domain names are vital to any website, as it serves as the IP address and is necessary for your site to be accessible. BlueHost lets you have extra domains for a negligible price of $10 per year.

Here, we shall look at how having extra domains puts you at an advantage, the need for additional domains, and how to purchase additional domains on BlueHost.

How do Extra Domains Benefit You?

  • Increases TrafficWith multiple domains, you can increase the traffic to your website and boost the audience.
  • Search Engine Preference Having additional domains makes you more preferred by search engines, thereby adding to your visitors.
  • Multiple domains help you keep your brand name and identity that cannot be used by your competitors. Apart from that, it helps you have your dynamic business name.
  • It is excellent assistance for advertising the products and services that you offer.

What is The Need For Extra Domains?

Extra domains can have many benefits, as seen above. There are also reasons why it is beneficial and necessary to have multiple domains, and these are as follows.

  • Higher Ranking from Search Engines

Search engines filter out search results by filtering the domain names available to them for the search placed. Having commonly searched words that describe the products or services you offer will help you achieve better ranking among other results that pop up in the search. Multiple domains are preferred as they can increase the audience to your site by giving you better chances of being noticed by search engines.

  • Brand Value

It is necessary to have the brand name that makes you stand out from others offering the same service/product. Depending on your sales target audience, it would be great to have a domain name that directly correlates to a common search term, or having a domain name that is unique and customized.

  • Exposure to Wider Audience and Marketing

After having a brand name, it is necessary to harness the audience and exposure and set up your marketing area. With multiple domains, you ensure more significant exposure for your products. As seen already, having a domain name that is relatable to the audience will get you better exposure.

After amassing the necessary audience, it is essential to market your products well enough. It would help if you made sure that your products are unique, and you create the ideal marketing environment within your website. It is of the utmost importance to create lasting significance in the minds of people.

Purchasing Multiple/Additional Domains on BlueHost

Follow the steps to register for extra domains or multiple domains at a time.

  • Control Panel > Domains > Register

The Domains section is available in the control panel, wherein you can go to the Register Form. Here, you must search for the domain name you prefer, and Check if it’s available. If you are looking to register multiple domains simultaneously, you can avail of the Bulk Register Domains option.

  • After searching for a domain name, you will find a list of results. At the top of the results, you will find the domain you searched for and the TLD suggestions.
  • To the right of each domain name, you will find a green cart icon. Click on the icon next to the domain name you prefer to add it to the shopping cart. Your Cart will be visible on the right side so that you know what you have opted for.
  • Cross-check the domains you have registered, and click Next to complete the registration process.