Hosting a WordPress Blog?  Here are the Things You Need To Know!

Hosting a WordPress blog is fun yet overwhelming process. Your foremost priority as a blogger is to have an idea about what you are aiming for your blog’s future and work accordingly.  There are many commonly arising questions among beginners to affiliate marketing blogs, answers to which have been compiled here.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing by Hosting a WordPress blog?


Affiliate marketing is an online business wherein you suggest your preferred products and services through your WordPress blog. For hosting your affiliate marketing WordPress blog, invest in a trusted and reliable hosting service rather than opting for free WordPress hosting or cheap hosting service. A cheap or free hosting service will meddle with the audience you receive, which may detrimentally affect your blog.

With an affiliate marketing blog, you collaborate with brands to promote their products and services and monetize this. So, how do we make money through affiliate marketing? A visitor that clicks your link and purchases the product will result in you getting a commission for that sale. With time, your audience base will grow, and you will start earning more.

Affiliate marketing is not the only way to monetize WordPress blogs. Creating paid content is another way of earning money by hosting WordPress blogs. You can create content that is in demand and will require people to subscribe to access it. Make sure your content is worth paying for; for example, you could create a tutorial on a specific topic or teaching particular subjects. This can be done in collaboration with companies or brands that sell related products. The paid content or tutorials you offer will earn you money provided people find it exciting and worth spending on.

If your blog is popular, you can earn by advertising businesses in your blog. However, this is suited for a well-established blog rather than a beginner’s blog with a lesser audience.

Is it Necessary To Pay for WordPress Blog Hosting?

While free WordPress hosting is available, it is always suggested to make a wise investment in your WordPress hosting as it gives you a better chance at earning from your blog. Free WordPress blog hosting comes with many flaws, such as overloaded servers that provide an inferior experience to your visitors with the slow loading speed and low responsivity. They also have limited customization choices and poor security that puts you at the risk of attacks.

Free WordPress hosting is not free, as the hosting provider uses your site for advertising their service. They also reduce your site’s legitimacy to visitors as you cannot have a unique domain name, you get stuck with a domain name that has the name of the hosting company as well. Free WordPress hosting is also riddled with hidden charges, and a costly premium plan you will have to opt for if you want to expand your site. You have limited control over your website as often; the hosting provider has the power to take down your website and all it’s content without prior notice. These are not risks you want to run into, so it is always better to pay for a good WordPress hosting service.

A good WordPress blog hosting service like WP Engine offers scalable infrastructure, excellent loading speeds, and complete control over your website. They also provide 24/7 customer support throughout the year, and they efficiently handle any technical issue that arises. The enterprise-grade security and content assistance are all features that make it worth to invest in a paid WordPress blog hosting provider like WP Engine.

Are WordPress Blogs Customizable?

WordPress comes with pre-designed templates and themes for your website. The premium WordPress features allow you to create your themes, giving your blog a unique and modified design. You can also embed images and videos in your blog, which can help you make your site more attractive to the visitors. Thus, you ensure that the visitors get a personalized experience with your site, which may aid monetization.

How To Improve Visibility and Search Engine Rankings?


For your website and its content to be successful, you need visitors. The best way to increase visibility is to organize your content into categories and tag them to the relevant topics. This sorts your content into relevant categories. A visitor looking for something has to search the category they are interested in, making it easier to find the most relevant result. Tagging the content appropriately can help your site to come up in the search engine results.

WordPress blog hosts like WP Engine provide content assistance that helps you improve the search engine rankings. You get an insight into the preferences of the audience, helping you optimize your content to match up to their likings. This allows your content to be more popular and preferred among people.