How To Install WordPress on Your Web Hosting: A Complete Beginners Guide

WordPress is the first option that pops up when it comes to starting a personal blog or a professional website. Its quick and easy navigation system and versatility make it the preferred choice even by businesses.

For establishing yourself in the Affiliate Marketing field, a solid web presence is an essential factor. This comprises of a strong social media presence and a website that has to be continuously updated. These components are necessary to maintain relevance and attain the traffic of diverse visitors to your site.

The first and foremost step for improving your website is to shift from the free hosting provided by WordPress and find a suitable web hosting service. When choosing your hosting provider, there are many criteria to be looked into, and the cost is one of them. You mustn’t go for a hosting service that comes at too low a price, as this might compromise with the quality of their server and affect your site’s speed. Once you have selected your web host, you have to install WordPress on that web hosting platform. Here, we shall have a walkthrough on how to perform this step.

Why Do You Need A Good Web Host?

This might be a question that rattles many beginners, as you can continue operating your website on WordPress or go for one of the cheap hosting services available. Having a great web host will set your page apart from others in the following aspects:

  • Better Security for your site
  • Speed – Your site loads faster than the regular free WordPress hosting
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Improved customer support experience
  • More control over your site and fewer restrictions
  • A professional looking URL
  • Additional features available

If you are an affiliate marketing professional or someone who wishes to have a better online presence, choosing a premium web host will ensure that you have an excellent digital presence.

Steps to Install WordPress on Your Web Host

A good web hosting service is required to install WordPress. Choosing a web host like WP Engine makes your work more comfortable as they allow you to integrate a variety of tools and provide excellent security features. Once you have selected your web host, follow the steps below to install WordPress in your web hosting platform:

  • Download the WordPress Package

The first step to installing WordPress on your web hosting service is to download the WordPress package. This package allows you to install the content management system (CMS) for WordPress on the web host you are using.

  • Upload The WordPress Package

The next step is to upload this package to the hosting service of your choice. This can be done in three ways, and one of these is to use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Another way is to use the SSH (Secure Socket Shell), and the third option is to use the File Manager. Regardless of the option you choose, you have to go through the basic uploading process for uploading the package to your account.

  • Create Your Database

Now, this step might be a bit daunting. Log in to the cPanel of your hosting account and locate the MySQL Database Wizard. Here, create and name your database and finish the process by entering a username and password for the page. Depending on the users you have for your page and your employees, you can set up different privileges and access options.

  • Provide the Necessary Details

Now that you have created a database and set the username and password for your page, move on to entering these details on your WordPress by opening it in the browser. Log in to your WordPress account, choose your database host, enter the necessary information, and submit it. This step links your database to your WordPress account.

  • Install

This is the last step. Upon completing all procedures, as mentioned above, you can finalize your selections from the installation page. This can be done by visiting the site –

replace “yourdomainnamehere” with your actual domain name and proceed to complete the installation.

Your WordPress installation is officially complete, and you can set up your website and make modifications as you deem to be fit.

Getting Optimum Results

To get optimum results and a great experience, choose a web host that fits your needs perfectly. Web hosting services also come with different hosting plans depending on your site traffic and needs, so make sure you select a plan that can give you the best results after careful reviews and considerations.

Always keep in mind that your choices don’t have to be permanent and that you can modify and evolve your blog as per demands. A good web host will help you create your digital presence and aid your success, so choose wisely.