Is There a Free Trial Hosting Plan for Hostinger?

Are you wondering if Hostinger has a free hosting plan for its web hosting services?
Is it a time period that you are waiting for when Hostinger provides free trials?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, you have come to the right place. To be honest, we have been looking for such opportunities, considering that this is Hostinger, after all. Being one of the best hosting services in the market, Hostinger has –

  • One of the best uptimes amongst hosting services in the market currently. Good uptime is necessary for your websites and blogs to be functioning smoothly.
  • Great Customer Support. You can get in touch with them anytime via webchat. They have a pretty expansive knowledge base where you could find answers to most of your questions.
  • Prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket for premium services. While other hosting services significantly hike prices, Hostinger remains dedicated to the cause of providing premium quality services at low rates.

These features just scratch the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Hostinger does offer with its subscriptions. Let us check out if there are indeed any free trials that Hostinger has to offer.

Does Hostinger offer a Free Trial Period?

We have used our own resources to figure out if Hostinger does offer its customers a free trial period. Hostinger’s excellent customer support system was also contacted to confirm the news of such an offer.

Hostinger does not have a Free Trial period offer currently. However, we found out that they have offered such services before. Although their Free Trial offer is not available, Hostinger is currently offering a significant discount on their hosting fees and free SSL. This leads us to believe that Hostinger keeps providing attractive introductory offers from time to time.

Keep an eye out for new updates on the official Hostinger web page. The chances are that you might find a lucrative deal that suits your vision as well.

Is Hostinger Worth it Without A Free Trial Plan?

Do not be deterred by the fact that Hostinger currently does not offer a Free Trial plan. Hostinger has a range of premium services to offer to its customers. The best part about these services is that they are provided at mind-blowing rates. However, if you are not sure about the quality, you can always opt for their 30-day moneyback guarantee. Please remember that this offer can only be claimed by first-time users.
At any point in time during the first month of your subscription, if you think that the services are not up to the mark, you can quickly get a refund.

Here are the details of Hostinger’s 30-day moneyback guarantee. Keep them in mind while subscribing to their plans.

  • You can expect a full refund on your purchases if you cancel your subscription within 30 days of your transaction.
  • Hostinger does not provide a refund for transactions made via digital currencies. Orders placed via Cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets do not come under the refund policy. This is because exchange rates for such payment options are extremely volatile.
  • Hostinger has specific clauses pertaining to their individual products. Here are the products on which you can ask for a refund within 30 days –
  • Hosting Services
  • SSL Certificates
  • Cloudflare Subscription
  • Daily Backup services
  • Business and Enterprise Email accounts
  • Windows VPS hosting

They also offer refunds for domain transfers. However, transfers of .eu  and .es domains are non-refundable because of their fixed costs.

  • Hostinger does not provide any refund for the following –
  • Any redemption fees you might have had to give for domains.
  • All Domain name renewal fees.
  • Privacy Protection services.
  • SEO Toolkit charges.
  • G Suite subscription.

  • Domain name registrations have a few clauses attached to their own refund policies.
  • For New Domain Name Registrations – Eligible for refunds only if it is canceled and processed within 96 hours of registration.
  • For Domain Transfers – Eligible for refunds only if the registry has not initiated the transfer process. The time frame for this, too, is 96 hours.
  • There are some Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) that do not provide refunds after cancellation. In these cases, Hostinger cannot be held liable to provide refunds. Some of them are – .be, .bz, .ca, .ch, .cz, .dk, .eu, .fr, .hu. For an extensive list, go to Hostinger’s website or get in touch with their customer support.
  • Products and services purchased via a few payment methods are not eligible for refunds. Take a look at the list –
  • E-banking from Malaysian banks
  • FPX Online Payment Solutions – Malaysia
  • Multibanco – Portugal
  • DragonPay – Philippines
  • GrabPay – Philippines
  • GCash – Philippines

Although the list of restrictions runs a little long, there is absolute clarity about what is and is not eligible for refunds. Such transparency is the assurance of the fact that Hostinger does not have hidden charges. Due to Hostinger’s services and quality, the 30-day money-back offer is exceptionally lucrative.

We believe that even without a free trial offer, subscribing to a Hostinger plan is worth it. You can enjoy the same comfort, knowing that your money is in safe hands. Do reach out to their customer support for all kinds of queries. They will make sure that your problem is resolved as quickly as possible.