Is WP Engine a Good Choice For WordPress Hosting?

A web host is required to handle your website and take care of the numerous minute details that go into the maintenance of a website. WordPress is a highly versatile software that you can use to build websites ranging from personal blogs to an e-commerce platform. This versatility is made possible with the plethora of plug-ins made available, and these can be used to add features to your website unavailable by default.

WP Engine is one of the top contenders among WordPress hosting sites with excellent leadership, good teamwork behind the service, and innovative services. WP Engine is the solution for your WordPress hosting, whether you are looking to start a small blog or a professional website. With their excellent service, they work closely with all their customers to provide an optimal experience for every user.

The managed hosting they provide ensures optimal security and high speed, resulting in better performance for your site and a happy audience. WP Engine also has excellent customer service, which will be discussed in detail. They have several different hosting plans suited for each type of website, along with various amenities and features.

When looking for a web hosting service that supports WordPress, many features need to be considered. These features are explored in detail, along with how WP Engine strives to provide all these features.

Scalability and Caching Mechanism

For any serious website developer, scalability is the most crucial factor to be looked into. The web host you choose must allow your website to grow and accommodate that growth with more features. Usually, there is a basic plan available that caters to a website that is just starting, and advanced hosting plans to choose from depending on the site growth. The price of the plans increases as you move to higher plans, but these support better traffic into your site as well.

The caching mechanism is a factor that influences the growth potential of your website. WP Engine has the EverCache system, which offers one of the best scalable mechanisms available. It makes your site faster and aids search engine optimization, followed by better traffic and satisfied visitors. With EverCache, you do not need to depend on plug-ins offered by third parties. These plug-ins can be perfectly incorporated into your WordPress sites to make up for any unavailable features.


Security is a crucial factor for your website. With optimum security comes data protection and privacy, so you need to choose a web host with an excellent security system with assured protection from hackers and malware. Even if the website is affected by a security breach, it is an added benefit if your web host can restore your files and content and set it back up.

WP Engine has collaborations with third-party security firms that provide some of the best security features available. With constant security audits, latest updates, and well-tested upgrades, they aim at providing excellent security to their customers. They have an excellent defense and protection system to prevent attacks from malware, hackers, and bots, thereby keeping your data secure.

Customer Support

Customer support is one factor to look out for when choosing your web hosting service. If you’re a newbie with little to no knowledge about the technicalities of running a website, you will need lots of technical support. If a technical issue arises for your site, or you have some queries that need to be answered, the customer support team is what you’re looking for. Web hosting companies are not known for their customer support feature as almost all of them lag in that area, so make sure you choose carefully.

What to look for in customer support? Customer service and tech support must always be available and reachable at any time of the day. They must be well-versed in the area they’re working on and provide you with quick and easy solutions. An ideal technical support team must also address your problem through direct assistance and take care of it momentarily.

WP Engine has a 24/7 customer support team that can be reached via phone, email, or live chat. Their team comprises of experts in WordPress undergoing continuous training to keep up with every update in the software. Apart from this, they also have a team in place for handling customer feedback. Every feedback is taken into consideration for analyzing the user-friendliness of service and dissatisfactions with making the necessary improvements.

Unlike other web hosting services, WP Engine puts great efforts into its customer support team with its Customer Experience Operations team. This is a huge point in favor of WP Engine and makes it an ideal choice.

WP Engine is the perfect fit if you are looking for a web host that cares about your satisfaction, provides excellent customer support, and has optimum scalability and security. They also offer different packages depending on your WordPress site’s needs, so that you can choose the best one for you and save up on additional costs.