Looking to Host a WordPress Blog? Here Are The Best Hosting Sites!

When looking to start a WordPress blog, it is necessary to get a web hosting service that can ease your workload and provide features and options that aid your website in gaining an audience. Your web host must provide high speed and help your website to get better ranking in search results. They must also have enough technical features and a friendly user interface.

With the numerous web hosts out there, it might be difficult for you to choose one that best fits your needs. The price is also a crucial factor that might leave you wondering, why not go for a free hosting service?

Free web hosting services may cut off expenses, but they do not offer many of the things that you look forward to from a web host. This means they lag in terms of speed, uptime, security, and other crucial areas. Thus, investing in a paid WordPress hosting site will prove to be an asset, provided you make the right choice.

Now that we know why a free WordPress host is not a good idea, we are left with the many paid web hosts out there to choose from. Before choosing, it is necessary to have your needs, and the requirements of your blog sorted out. Having a clear idea of what you need will help you select a host that fits your needs. This enables you to focus on the affordability and budget you have decided, and select a host that satisfies all criteria.

Here are three top hosting sites to host your WordPress blog, filtered based on speed, security, and quality of service.

  • WP Engine

mer support system that you can reach out to for any issue all through the day, and their performance tracker gives you the current website speed as well. If you are looking to start a blog without the hassle of running it, and are not well-versed in the tactics of running a site, WP Engine is an excellent investment as it takes off a lot of work from your shoulders.

  •   BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the most popular WordPress blog hosting sites out there and is a choice to be considered by a new blogger. It is widely preferred due to the services they offer with their hosting plans and multiple perks associated. This includes a domain manager that can manage multiple blogs, regular backups, and an excellent customer support team. You can also have an unlimited number of email accounts, allowing you to have multiple people contribute to your blog.

BlueHost also comes with an affordable price tag and a free domain name for the first year that makes it more attractive. The highly consistent and excellent uptime offered by BlueHost makes it all the more a better choice. Although they do have an assured minimum level of uptime, they do maintain the quality consistently. Their cPanel also makes navigation and functioning of the website simpler. All these essential features offered with great quality make BlueHost a well-preferred option among bloggers.

  • iPage

iPage stands out with its marketing tools that help you market and sell out your blog content by increasing traffic. The also provide domain name registration services. iPage has a quick and easy to use interface that makes them preferred among customers. Their point and click site builder is easy to use for people of all skill levels, which means if you’re new to this field or do not have programming or coding skills, it does not affect your ability to build the site.

iPage offers shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS, although VPS is more expensive than others in the market. Along with a free blog, free online store, and email accounts, there is no restriction on the number of domains you can have. This is not limited to the hosting plan you choose. An iPage subscription also comes with enhanced security features, including free SiteLock software.

The benefits do not end here, as you have unlimited storage space, and no limit on the number of email accounts you can have. They stand by the quality they provide, with a full refund of the subscription plan in case of unsatisfactory results.

These are some of the best hosting sites out there for your WordPress blog. Before making a choice, set an affordable budget, and select a plan that fits all your hosting needs.