The 3 Best Premium WordPress Hosting Services

WordPress is a popular platform for building websites due to its ease of use, versatility, and numerous additional features. WordPress can fit all your needs, whether you’re looking to start a blog, a company website, or even an e-commerce platform. It supports a plethora of plug-ins that you can use to avail of any feature not available in WordPress by default.  All this, along with the fact that you can use WordPress for free, makes it a highly preferred option for website builders.

To host your website, you will need to consult and purchase a suitable subscription from any web hosting service. This is done to reduce the pressure on your shoulders as running a website single-handedly is a lot of work. There are many aspects of a site requiring constant attention, such as security, uptime, and regular backups. The hosting company takes all this care, and the quality and cost of service you receive from each company vary.

Therefore, it is essential to put as much thought into choosing a web host as you put into creating your content. When it comes to hosting plans, having a premium hosting plan can prove to be an excellent investment for your online business. With premium hosting, you get better search engine optimization results and a professional address to help you stand out in the crowd.

Here, we shall see three web hosting companies that offer the best premium WordPress hosting services and the main factors that need to be considered for making a choice.

Factors that Influence the Quality of Service

Before choosing a suitable web host, certain factors need to be considered. The following are vital defining features for an ideal web host that have to be looked into:

  • Security: This is one of the top priorities when looking for a web host. The best ones offer optimum security, privacy, and protection, along with effortless recovery of data.
  • Speed and Stability: An ideal web host ensures that your site has as minimal downtime as possible and smooth functioning and high speed. This provides a better experience for visitors.
  • Scalability:: You need to look out for future growth prospects and choose a web hosting company that can appease a growing website’s needs.
  • Features: The web host must have the necessary features to ensure the smooth functioning of the website and plug-in support for the features that it does not offer in-built.
  • User Interface: The user interface must be smooth and easy to operate to cater to individuals of all levels of expertise.
  • Customer Support: A good customer support team means satisfied customers as they can have all impending issues cleared up.
  • Value for Price: The web host you choose must come at an affordable price with the required features and excellent service. The service offered must be worth the amount being paid.

Top 3 Premium WordPress Hosting Sites

  • GoDaddy

GoDaddy is immensely popular for the highly affordable price at which they offer services. It is easily the cheapest of the three and is a reliable site with great features. However, it also has a few drawbacks, such as a weak customer support team. Another downside is that GoDaddy is often targeted by hackers, putting the security of your website at risk. You might also face difficulties in the event you choose to shift to another hosting service.

  • HostGator

HostGator is also famous for its low prices, although not as low as GoDaddy. It is better than GoDaddy in many areas, such as good security and ease of shifting to another host. They also provide SEO services and a variety of plug-ins. The most attractive feature of HostGator is its excellent uptime, which is needed for avoiding the loss of visitors due to your unavailable website. However, just like GoDaddy, HostGator falls behind with its customer support system, which is to be taken into consideration.

  • WP Engine

WP Engine is the pricier among the three but also comes with associated perks. Customer service is worth mentioning, as they offer excellent customer support in contrast to HostGator and GoDaddy. They support scalability and have well-equipped security measures. Thus, WP Engine excels in terms of most security features, such as security, stability, scalability, and customer support. This makes WP Engine a great option if you’re willing to invest.

These are the top 3 WordPress hosting sites that offer the best premium hosting for your website’s regular maintenance. While GoDaddy is highly advertised and famous, it does come with security risks that may surpass its low pricing plan. HostGator stands somewhere in the middle, with more features than Godaddy, but both share a weak customer service system. In all aspects, WP Engine comes out as a better contender in the market, as it offers better customer service, security, and growth potential.