The Best WordPress Hosting Services For Beginners

Being a beginner to the world of web development and website hosting, you may not have much knowledge about how hosting and servers work. But you do not have to worry, with the beginner-friendly, easy to use WordPress hosting services available. The best WordPress hosting service for beginners will have the capability to support your site’s growth and evolve with it, carrying you from the learning phase to owning a website with high traffic. However, there are numeorus points to keep in mind before going for a hosting service, which will be discussed here.

What is The Need For Investing in the Best WordPress Hosting Service?

As a beginner, you may be tempted to go for a cheap or free hosting service. This may have so many implications on your success while proving ineffective in terms of your planned savings. The first impression a visitor gets when choosing to visit your site is from your domain name. Having a domain name that sticks to only the name of your site or brand is always more preferred than having a domain that has the name of the hosting provider attached to it. This is faced with free hosting services and does not give the visitors an impression of trustworthiness, which is necessary for visitors to keep coming back to your site.

Another issue with free WordPress hosting is the reduced control over your site. The free hosting provider places strict rules and regulations and also retains some control of your website. They may not allow you to use paid advertisements or promotions. At times, they also have the right to shut down your site as they wish without any notice, which results in you losing your content.

You also miss out on many features and plug-ins. They offer fewer site-building tools and may lack aids for increasing your search engine visibility. The web hosting platform may be tough to use, especially being a beginner. This becomes troublesome as they also do not offer proper customer support so that you receive help and assistance in learning the way things work.

The problems are many when it comes to opting for a WordPress hosting service sub-par and is not the best. Investing in a good WordPress hosting provider ensures that your site gets the recognition and support it deserves, while also reducing your workload.

The Best WordPress Hosting Service For Beginners

WP Engine is considered the best WordPress hosting service for beginners. While you may be concerned about investing big when you’re just starting, the investment on WP Engine is worth their high-quality services. They offer different packages depending on your site’s growth level, and as your website grows, you can upgrade to a package at a larger scale without having to change hosting companies or losing your data.

A few of the best features offered by WP Engine, especially for beginners to WordPress hosting, are as follows:

  • Customer Support

This is one of the essential aspects when it comes to a beginner. You may need help with running your site, such as when you come across an error, glitch or find it hard to navigate the platform. All these worries can be swept aside as WP Engine offers 24/7 customer support available throughout the year. You can contact them anytime to get your queries cleared. WP Engine takes tech support up a notch with its team of WordPress experts and server experts so that all your problems are sorted out.

  • Content Support

Whether you’re running a blog or an affiliate marketing site, you need the best content to make you stand out from the others. With WP Engine, you get content support through Google Analytics. They give you an insight into what content is working with the visitors, which helps your site draw in organic traffic, and what is not popular or preferred among the audience. This gives you a clear idea of what you need to aim for based on the customers’ preferences. They also let you know how the visitors interacted with your content, from which you can deduce its performance.

  • Scalability

As a beginner, you need to consider your site’s growth potential and choose a hosting provider that supports growth with its scalable infrastructure. This eliminates the need for migrating to a different hosting provider when your site outgrows the current one. Choosing a web host that offers excellent scalability is crucial. WP Engine provides smooth scalability for your site and easy upgrading to higher plans to meet your site’s growing needs. They provide fast loading speed irrespective of traffic, thereby preventing visitors’ loss due to long waiting times.

  • WordPress Content Management System

WP Engine offers a WordPress Content Management System that eliminates the need for you to employ web developers. They provide the same digital experience that you can get if you work with a developer.