The Best WordPress Hosting Sites For Beginners

A website is an absolute essential for starting an online business. Put together the fact that you are new to the field; you will need a hosting site that simplifies your job and makes it easy for you to set up and customize your website. An attractive website with a friendly user interface is a must for grabbing customers and visitors. Thus, a lot of work goes into planning and building your website.

WordPress is one of the best options out there to start a new website, and many sites provide WordPress hosting to make this simpler for you. We shall find out why WordPress is a good option for a beginner and a pick of the top three hosting services optimized to host WordPress.

What Makes WordPress Stand Out?


These are a few reasons why WordPress is the preferred option among many other web hosts available.

  • The fact that WordPress is available for free is the great catch, making it a leading option for hosting your website among its paid counterparts that offer less scalability as well.
  • WordPress is easy to use, and you do not need to have any specialized skillset or coding and programming knowledge to put together a website. Thus, for a beginner, WordPress is bliss.
  • Another factor that makes WordPress preferable is the variety of add-ons and plug-ins that it supports, far more than any other web host. This ensures that any feature unavailable in WordPress by default can be incorporated by installing the corresponding plug-in.
  • When it comes to designing a website, WordPress is one of the best out there. It has numerous templates and themes that you can customize and use to give your website a welcoming aesthetic. While there are many free templates, you can also have paid templates.
  • WordPress makes it easy to outsource your workload to employees or part-time workers, which is great if there are features that you’re doubtful about that need to be cleared up and utilized effectively.

Before moving on to the best WordPress hosting sites, we will look into the factors based on which these sites need to be evaluated. There are many features and options to look for before choosing your WordPress host, and these are as follows:

  • Website Migration

If you own a website and wish to switch hosts, look for a host that supports and offers a hassle-free migration. When choosing a hosting service, make sure automated migration is available so that you do not have to take the pains of migration, which requires more technical knowledge.

  • Security

Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to running your website because you need your data to be safe and secure. Your personal information is protected from hackers and malware. When choosing a host, make sure they have a good security track record and offer an SSL certificate for your website.

  • Scalability and Bandwidth

Scalability indicates the growth of your website or the potential to grow. As your business begins to flourish, you might want to expand it to accommodate more visitors. A sufficiently large bandwidth is necessary to allow traffic into the site and upgrade the website to meet the growth. A good bandwidth also ensures that your website does not load slowly, thus not testing the visitors’ patience.

  • Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important features as you need a reliable customer support team to turn to when in need of help, especially when you’re a beginner. Make sure you choose a host that provides excellent customer service through a well-equipped team. This can be analyzed via reviews and user testaments.

  • Storage

Storage is essential as you will have to upload images or videos on your website. You do not want to run out of storage space and compromise on the content you provide your customers.

  • Affordability

Affordability is a factor to be considered, as you need the price you pay to be worth the services and features you receive. Especially when you’re a beginner, it is essential to make your investments wisely. Therefore, make sure you run by the features available and their price, consider your needs, and then choose.

So, Which Are the Top 3 WordPress Hosting Sites For Beginners?

WP Engine:

WP engine is an excellent option for beginners, as it has a friendly user interface that makes it easy to use. For someone who is not technically inclined and requires all the necessary features, including backups and security, WP engine is an excellent choice. Although it comes off as the more expensive option in our list, it makes up for with the features offered.


This is a WordPress hosting site known for its exceptional service and highly affordable rates. With SiteGround, your storage needs are taken care of, while also offering high speed, even in the most basic package. For a beginner, SiteGround is a great choice, although it charges for any additional features.


Concerning ease of use, InMotion might be a bit challenging for a beginner, but in terms of affordability, it comes on top. It also offers better features than SiteGround, but it does fall back on its user interface and friendliness.

These are three great WordPress hosting sites if you’re a beginner looking to launch your website. Before choosing, keep in mind to consider your needs and not spend on features, you may not require as a site just starting. Also, be on the lookout for the essential features available to make a wise choice.