The Need For Fast WordPress Hosting and The Fastest Host Available

When exploring the different WordPress hosting options, you will find hosting sites that offer various features like a friendly user interface, more storage space, or an affordable price. While these features are essential, the most critical part to be considered before selecting a WordPress host is the speed they offer. Fast WordPress hosting has many benefits on your site and the experience it imparts to the user. Here, we shall see why fast WordPress hosting is preferred and the quickest and most reliable WordPress hosting service.

5 Benefits of Having Fast WordPress Hosting


Fast WordPress hosting comes with many advantages, and the top five are mentioned below.

  • Better Experience for Visitors

The most important aspect of hosting a website is ensuring that the users are comfortable and have a good experience with your site. This means your site must be easy to navigate, and that the visitors must not get stuck at any point. Faster loading speed ensures that there is no lag; the customer has smooth transitions and flawless experience on your website. A good impression helps you get more visits and return visits, which is necessary for building your audience base.

  • Maintaining the Traffic

You put in a lot of time and effort to create content that will attract traffic, so you must want them to stay on your page and interact more. It has been observed that visitors tend to wait for 4 seconds for the page to load before leaving, and if the wait extends to more than 10 seconds, they wouldn’t prefer to come back to the same website again. Thus, loading time is critical for maintaining the visitors you are getting. With fast WordPress hosting, you are assured no loss of visitors as your page loads quickly regardless of the traffic into it.

  • Higher SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position)

Search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo, use complex algorithms for their search engine results. We may not know all the factors that influence the ranking of your site in the search results, but one thing that affects the ranking of your site is the loading time. Fast WordPress hosting needs to be a part of the search engine optimization strategy as higher speed may mean better rankings in search results, and therefore more organic traffic.

  • More Website Features

The digital world is competitive, with so many other websites offering content similar to yours. You need to stand out from the rest of the crowd, and this can be done by adding eye-catching elements to your sites such as photos, videos, or animations. These features need more bandwidth, and a faster website ensures that you can use more such features without affecting your site’s performance.

  • Supports Mobile Optimization

Since most people today access the internet via their mobiles, your website must be optimized for mobile usage. Users may often have connectivity issues, and some may not be using the latest technology. All of these affect the loading speed, but you need to make up for these with your site loading speed to satisfy all factions of users. Fast loading speed is critical, especially for mobile users, as there may be complex connectivity and hardware issues.

How To Determine the Speed of the WordPress Hosting Service


Now that we know how important fast WordPress hosting is for the site’s growth and development, the next question is determining the speed. One way is to run a speed test using Google PageSpeed Insights. This gives you the loading speed of your website, and if it is slow, you need to reconsider your choice of a web host. If you haven’t selected a WordPress host yet, you need to compare each platform’s speeds and look for the following features in the preferred WordPress hosts:

CDN – Content Delivery Network

This is a way to reduce network latency by allowing the hardware to be closer to the audience

Cache Features

A cache is a feature by which the frequently visited pages are stored to load quickly when the visitors come to the site.

Once you are sure that your WordPress host offers these features, evaluate the number of visitors you expect in a month, and then choose the hosting plan that best fits your needs.

The Fastest WordPress Web Host

WP Engine offers the highest speed when compared to other web hosts. They also provide features like Evergreen Cache and CDN that are not available when you go for cheaper hosting. Users of WP Engine have seen more visitors and conversion rates than they had while using a below-par WordPress host. WP Engine also allows you to use media and heavy storage content without affecting your site’s smooth performance. Thus, WP Engine offers the best fast WordPress hosting with lots of additional features.