The Top WordPress Hosting Plans And How To Choose The Perfect Fit For You

When looking to start a new website, WordPress is one of the most reliable options out there, with their easy to use features and versatility. They can support any website ranging from a personal blog to a business website or even an e-commerce platform. Looking for the perfect web hosting service to host your website is another concern.

While big companies have their servers, smaller establishments and personal users need to opt for a suitable website hosting service that supports WordPress. Each hosting service comes with a variety of plans placed at different prices based on varying features. It is essential to choose a plan that fits your needs, and we shall see how to do this.

Why Not Choose a Free Hosting Service?

Why Not Choose a Free Hosting Service

Free WordPress hosting is available, but it comes with many risks, such as reduced safety and no guarantee on speed and uptime. The top paid WordPress hosting plans come with benefits such as better speed, better storage, a professional domain name that makes you stand out, and site backups. These are features that won’t be found in a free WordPress hosting service.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Many companies offer WordPress hosting services, such as GoDaddy, HostGator, and WP Engine. Before moving on to the hosting plan, it is necessary to choose a company based on its customer reviews, basic features offered, and pricing plans. Among these three, Godaddy has the lowest rates, but it has a weak customer support team, which is not ideal if you are a beginner in the field. WP Engine is the more expensive option, but it comes with technical support and good quality service.

After choosing a suitable service provider, move on to selecting the perfect hosting plan for you.

How To Choose the Perfect Plan?

Before choosing a plan, sort out your expectations from the hosting service based on your website’s needs. For example, if you have sufficient knowledge of maintaining a website, you will not need a lot of technical support as you can take care of technical issues yourself. In this instance, you can opt for a website host like GoDaddy that comes at a lower cost with less support.

Other factors to be considered are:

  • Speed – Higher plans may offer better speed to cater to a larger number of visitors, which you can utilize if you have a well-established website.
  • Security – The security features may differ from plan to plan. As the plan progresses to an advanced level, there will be better security for your data.
  • Customer Support – There are hosting services that provide more technical support for higher plans.
  • Features – The features offered by a hosting service increase when you upgrade or opt for a better plan.
  • Storage and Bandwidth – There are very few web hosts that provided unlimited storage, and even lesser with unlimited bandwidth. However, as you move to a better plan, you will be entitled to more storage space and bandwidth to support higher site traffic.
  • Price – More professional plans come at higher prices, and the plan you choose is dictated by your needs and the growth of your website.

Different Hosting Plans Available

The different hosting plans offered by hosting companies can be broadly classified into three categories based on the features and services available.

  • Personal

For a beginner with a single website, the personal or basic plan is more than enough. Depending on the hosting company you choose, you may get up to 10GB storage space, a free SSL certificate, and basic security and protection.

  • Professional

For a website that has outgrown the personal plan, or a small business firm that needs multiple websites or one large website, this is the perfect plan. It offers more storage space and better bandwidth to support more traffic into the site. The features are complemented by better security and technical support.

  • Business

For a well-established website with lots of visitors, you will need better features to accommodate your growing audience and keep them engaged. For this purpose, a business plan is advised as it comes with more features, bandwidth, and storage space. You can upgrade to this plan as and when your website outgrows the existing plan.

Before choosing a plan or a WordPress hosting service, make sure they are open to accommodating a growing website. This means when in need of more storage, bandwidth, or speed, your host must have the facilities to allow easy upgrading to a better, higher-tier plan. This feature might be available with companies that offer their service at a higher rate, such as WP Engine. It is also evident that even though some plans come at a higher price, they are worth it due to the quality of their service.