Top 3 WordPress Friendly Hosting Services

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Starting an affiliate marketing business may seem intimidating with all the work involved and the knowledge it demands. You will have to learn about and work on lots of areas, along with starting your website.

WordPress is one of the most preferred choices for starting a website due to its user-friendly interface and its versatility. Creating a website is not an easy task, but another mission follows it, and that is finding a WordPress friendly hosting service to host your website.

A good web host is necessary for the maintenance and upkeep of your website and other aspects such as security. Searching, shortlisting, and coming to a decision about the perfect WordPress friendly hosting provider is a laborious process, which is why we have three great suggestions to be considered. All of these come with standard fundamental features but have their strengths in different areas. It is up to you to analyze your needs and choose the one that best fits your demands.



BlueHost is a Utah-based WordPress friendly hosting provider that was started in 2003. They have excellent and legitimate reviews from satisfied users, which is a positive nudge for you. BlueHost captures customers with their affordable costs that do not compromise with service quality. Their most basic plan comes at just $2.95 per month, available for a three-year contract.

BlueHost is a very reliable option when it comes to the uptime they offer. Users have had a downtime of an hour or less in the many years they have been using it. The only time when you face uptime issues with BlueHost is when there are large-scale targeted attacks like DDOS intrusions. These are severe problems, and it is less likely that you will encounter an issue that grave.

The only area where BlueHost falls behind with its WordPress friendly hosting service is the migration fee they charge for moving your site from another host to theirs. Apart from that, BlueHost offers good security and high reliability.

WP Engine

Based in Austin, Texas, WP Engine provides some of the best services out there. There are customer testimonials and professional reviews that can give you an insight into their track record. They have excellent uptime, excellent loading speeds, and optimum security features that make them preferred, among others.

Security is a factor that concerns web owners due to the risk of attacks from hackers and malware. With the WordPress friendly hosting service provided by WP Engine, you get Enterprise-Grade security that is same for all the hosting plans they offer, regardless of price. If your website is affected by an attack, they provide free restoration of your website, which is excellent for you as a website owner.

Another feature that sets WP Engine apart from its competitors is its customer service and technical support. They also come with many hosting plans from which you can choose from depending on your needs. They come at a price that is undoubtedly worth the WordPress friendly hosting they provide for all these features.


If you are looking for a WordPress friendly hosting provider with tons of experience and an excellent pedigree, DreamHost is your answer. They have been in the digital world since 1997 and have a well-established performance record. They provide shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS, as you deem fit for your site.

WordPress friendly hosting services must come with features that improve your website’s accessibility to the visitors, which includes reducing instances of downtime. DreamHost has guaranteed uptime rates, and for every hour of downtime your site experiences, you will get one free day of hosting. Their uptime rate is one of the highest in the industry, standing at 99% or above. DreamHost is one of the friendliest WordPress hosting services out there, and their services come off as one of the most expensive out there.

Here, we have looked at three of the most WordPress friendly hosting service providers. All three come from different regions of the price spectrum, BlueHost offering one of the least high prices with better quality than others at that price range. All three provide excellent security systems, with WP Engine taking it up a notch by restoring your website’s control for free in case of an attack. They stand neck to neck with their uptime rates, DreamHost having one of the most reliable and highest uptime rates in the industry and a refund in case of downtime. WP Engine is also a great option with its cost-effective features and hosting plans. Their customer support is above par than most hosting service providers out there.

Depending on the needs of your website and your budget, you can opt for a WordPress friendly hosting service that gives you a smooth experience operating your site.