Why is Free Hosting For WordPress a Bad Choice?

Hosting a website is not an easy task as there is a lot of hardware and technology behind it. None of these are free, then how can you be receiving free WordPress hosting? Before going for a free hosting site, we need to realize that nothing is free, and you may end up paying for the services you are using one way or the other.

So, how do free hosting services use your website to their benefit?

For Advertising other Companies

The most common way free hosting sites make up for their services is by selling space on your website for advertisements. The visitors you garner may click on the advertisements, but it does not benefit you in cash as you do not handle those advertisements. Thus, your site is being used as advertising space by the free hosting site for WordPress.

For Mining and Collecting Data

Most free WordPress hosting sites mine and collect data to sell to more prominent companies. This data is used to build leads and create a target market for their product. How does this affect your site? Even though it is not in your power to allow this, your visitors still view this as a violation of their privacy as you are selling their data, which taints your credibility and legitimacy.

For Distributing Malware


There are two ways by which you will put yourselves and your visitors at risk by using a free hosting site for WordPress. Since free WordPress hosting comes with little to no security, your website may be affected by malware that will be distributed to your visitors. Another way is that the service itself is provided for distributing the malware; either way, you will end up paying an amount not worth the risk.

Your Website Might Be Used As A Link Farm

Backlinks have a huge role in search engine rankings by Google, such that if a site has more credible links, it is considered trustworthy and convincing, and eventually ranking higher than its counterparts. The common way people use to increase the search engine rankings is to create a free hosting site for WordPress and make a list of websites that can be farmed for backlinks. These links may end up in illegal websites such as those involving gambling, drugs, or identity theft, which can seriously tarnish your brand.

Free WordPress Hosting Is A Trial

If the free hosting service still hasn’t ended up in a loss for you, you will still have to pay for their service eventually. What seems to be a free hosting site most often turns out to be a free trial backed up by an expensive contract that might be difficult to get out of. They may have a legal backup that makes it even more difficult and costly for you to get out of it. In the end, you’d probably have saved more with a paid hosting service.

Poor Quality Service by Free WordPress Hosting

Free WordPress hosting offers low-quality services and very few features, along with all the trouble they present. These are a few drawbacks of free WordPress hosting in terms of their services:

  • Prolonged loading time
  • Lack of security and protection
  • No customer support
  • No backups
  • Limited customization
  • No features available
  • Small bandwidth that cannot support traffic
  • Small storage space
  • Not optimized for mobiles
  • The number of pages you can have is limited
  • Provide bad domain name such as www.mydomainname.freewebhost.com
  • Does not offer analytics

Your Website Deserves better

Ultimately, free WordPress hosting is bad hosting for your website, as it is left vulnerable in all aspects. A lot of these problems accompany cheap WordPress hosting sites as well. Since it is better to pay upfront for assured quality services rather than having to be tricked into paying for poor service, you need to opt for a reliable, affordable WordPress hosting.

An Affordable and Trustworthy WordPress Hosting

Instead of basing your choice on the cost, go for a hosting service that provides good quality service worth the price and go for a clear and transparent hosting company. WP Engine is a reliable WordPress hosting service with plans starting from $29 per month. This basic plan lets you have up to 25,000 visitors, 10GB storage space, high speed, and 24/7 customer service for 365 days via phone, email, and live chat.

WP Engine offers a trustworthy service where your website data and your visitors’ information are all kept safe. It is undoubtedly worth the price as WP Engine takes care of all your hosting needs ranging from technical maintenance to automatic updates, backups, and even assistance with content performance and analytics. WP Engine offers services that cannot be surpassed by any free hosting site for WordPress and do not come with any risk.