Why The Best Free WordPress Hosting Might Not Be a Good Choice

Free WordPress hosting has always tempted expectant blog and website owners. While it may seem like a great cut off in expenses, it affects your site detrimentally. If you are not looking to monetize your blog or website, you do not have to rethink choosing a free WordPress hosting service. This is not the case for someone stepping into the affiliate marketing sector or looking to make money online.

Free WordPress hosting may seem like a good idea for new bloggers. Still, it inhibits your website’s growth potential, limits the visitors to your blog, has slow loading speeds, and other technical issues that accompany it. Therefore, it is undoubtedly better to invest in the right WordPress hosting provider.

Why You Should Not Opt for Even The Best Free WordPress Hosting


Before opting for a free WordPress hosting, we need to realize that nothing is truly free. They may have some motive behind their free hosting service, such as advertising their services through your domain name or advertisements on your page. This is not preferred when you are looking to run a professional website or monetize your blog.

Even the best free WordPress hosting services out there have disadvantages, and these are as follows:

  • Poor Customer Support

Customer support is an important feature, and most of the free WordPress hosting services offer little to no customer support. This means if your website goes down due to any issue, it is up to you to fix it as you will not be receiving aid. With their overcrowded servers, this will be a common concern for your page. The resulting downtime is unfavorable for affiliate marketers and those aiming to monetize their blogs.

  • Poor Security

Even if you go for the best free WordPress hosting, security is not provided. In the event of an attack, data breach, or malware, you will have to fix the problem yourself. This is very difficult if you have no experience in this field.

  • Overloaded Servers

Free hosting services tend to host too many websites within a single server. This means you get slower connections, slow loading time for your visitors, and more downtime. More waiting time leads to loss of visitors, which is unfavorable, especially if you wish to monetize your blog.

Why Invest In WordPress Blog Hosting?

Free hosting services are tempting, but they come with lots of disadvantages that critically affect your website’s future growth, as seen above. You want your blog to have excellent visibility and higher search engine rankings to get more visitors. This includes maximizing SEO, making sure you have higher speed and lesser loading time, and optimum security, all of which come with a trustworthy blog host.

Investing in a WordPress blog host can get you the following benefits as well:

  • Excellent Security

The advent of digitalization also means more risk of data breaches, attacks by hackers, and malware. Security is a factor neglected by free hosting services, but it is vital as you do not want to lose your content. With ample protection, your website will work smoothly and efficiently, which is why it is advised to invest in a paid hosting service like WP Engine that offers excellent security features.

  • Well-maintained Servers

Overcrowded servers result in slow loading speeds and troublesome functioning of the page. Investing in a WordPress blog hosting service ensures that your server is not overloaded, and you get the optimum speed along with better search engine rankings. Both high loading speed and better ranking by search engines help you gain visitors.

  • Good Customer Support

Customer service and technical support are necessary as you need help when your website or blog faces technical problems or glitches. Good customer support must comprise a well-informed, capable team that is available to solve any issues faced by the users. This is not available with free WordPress blog hosting services.

  • Performance Tracking

This feature helps you analyze how well your blog is working, whether any red flags are affecting your page’s speed and performance. With this feature, you can track your website’s performance and its technicalities, giving you a transparent outlook on the working of your page.

  • Assistance with Content

For a blogger, the content is the main asset that drives traffic into the site and results in income. Content assistance lets you use Google Analytics tools to analyze the relevance and working of your content while giving you tips on how it can work better with the audience.

Even the best free WordPress hosting has its disadvantages. While it may seem free initially, it will require a lot more time and effort from your side, proving the free service ineffective. Investing in a good WordPress hosting service is necessary for the growth and maintenance of your website. WP Engine is one such trusted hosting provider that provides high speed, optimum security, and excellent customer service and technical support for its users. Make sure you choose a hosting service that does not pull you down in the long run.